Posted 10-25-10 Tonkatsu Recipe
Japanese-style pork cutlet that goes wonderfully with just about everything.
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Posted 10-01-10 Katsu Curry
Katsu curry is pretty much a perfect dish. What's not to like about deep-fried breaded cutlet on top of rice, that is then topped by Japanese-style curry?
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Posted 09-22-10 Korokke (Beef & Potato Croquette)
Korokke, or deep fried mashed potatoes, is a uniquely Japanese version of a dish with Western origins.
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Posted 09-13-10 Toriniku no Tatsuta-age (Marinated Fried Chicken)
Tender pieces of chicken are briefly marinated in a simple sauce and deep fried.
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Posted 07-25-10 Mentaiko Spaghetti
A very popular yoshoku dish of fish eggs, butter and spaghetti. Easy to make and incredibly delicious.
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Posted 07-07-10 Omurice
Ketchup, rice, egg ... who knew those three ingredients together are the stuff of a great meal? In this version of omurice (omelette + rice), I use ground chicken and onion.
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