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Super Bowl Food with Asian Flair

On America’s biggest football-watching day (and second-biggest eating day) of the year, it’s standard practice to stock your party table with pizza, wings, sandwiches, and store-bought snack foods. But your Super Bowl Sunday party guests are worth a little more effort than emptying a bag of chips into a bowl and microwaving some cheese dip, right?

Superbowl Snackin': Fried Chicken, Asian Style

Gametime eats call for finger foods that are easy to eat, keep well for while, can be prepared in advance, and most importantly -- taste good! So we've rounded up four Asian recipes for a spin on that classic accompaniment to long bouts of TV watching, beer and shouting: fried chicken. Correction: really good fried chicken.

We all know that really good fried chicken, prepared in whatever style, tends to be simple. 

Chopsticks Etiquette

Approximately one-third of the world's population use chopsticks.  Chopsticks (筷子, "kuàizi") are thought to be more than 5,000 years old. They originated in China and began to spread to Korea, Japan and Vietnam by 500 A.D.  In Asian cuisine and culture, chopstick usage contains a superstitious element. The editors of AsianSupper walk you through the don’ts of chopstick usage.

Asian Soup Recipe Contest

Image via Flickr: bary.poussman

Whether it's ramen, pho, miso soup, wonton or some kind of jjigae, share your favorite Asian soup recipes with your fellow Asian foodies during February on AsianSupper. 

Asian Snack Attack: Eishindo Mini Cup Jelly

Asian Snack Attack is our ongoing series where we weed out the good from the bad in the wild and wooly world of newfangled Asian snacks.