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Table of Condiments: Asian Sauces: Shelf Life

It is pretty obvious when your tomatoes have turned, but how often should you replace your condiments? Asian Supper explores the shelf life of many popular Asian sauces like fish sauce and oyster sauce. Read More »

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Spice Series: Turmeric Recipes

What It Is: Part of the ginger family, turmeric is a deep orange-yellow powder. Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, has an earthy, slightly bitter, and peppery taste and a mustard-like scent.

Recipe Contest: Simple Asian Cooking

We don't know about you, but once the hot and humid weather hits, we don't feel like doing much of anything ... much less slaving over a hot stove. We're big fans of warm salads, and other easy breezy meals. 

Easy Packing Picnic Ideas

Good picnic food shares a few characteristics with good airplane food -- it needs to keep for a while without refrigeration, it should be portable, and above all - be good and easy to eat.

If this feels like a tall list to you, consider our Asian picnic options -- they're far from ho-hum sandwiches.

Wife Cake: Origins of Hong Kong Sweetheart Cake

Chinese cuisine is multi-layered not only with a wide range of flavors, but the stories behind many Chinese recipes.  There is a mystique that surrounds the origin of certain Chinese recipe names, especially Lao Pao Bing (Wife Cake or Sweetheart cake).

Did you know?  There are three aspects that play a primary role in the name of a Chinese dish:

Stainless Steel Chopsticks Giveaway

We created AsianSupper to provide a place for people of all levels to share their love of Asian food and their learning. So this month, we're encouraging you to share the cooking wealth. If you've got any sort of Asian cooking question or answer, ask or answer it over in our forums section and you could win one of five stainless steel chopsticks.  Each one will have 5-pairs for every winner.