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What Do I Do With: Pork Sung (Rousong)

I've always been curious about ròusōng. I'd seen it on the top of buns at Chinese bakeries, occupying a wide swath of an aisle over at my local Chinese grocery store, and most intriguingly -- constantly stocked in a friend's cupboard. 

After wondering for a while, I finally asked what it's used for -- and the answer I got was: pretty much everything. A cross between a snack, condiment and all-purpose flavoring, ròusōng, also called pork floss or meat floss, is a great topping for rice, bread, congee, tofu and, as I learned from Wikipeda, soy milk! 

First off, a description for the uninitiated: the closest foodstuff I can think of is probably beef jerky meets cotton candy. Both beef jerky and rousong are dessicated, slightly sweet and made of meat. But that's where the similarities end -- the texture of pork floss is entirely different. Instead of tenuous, like beef jerky, it's crumbly, soft, a touch moist and slightly stringy. While I cover pork floss in this article, it also comes in beef, chicken and fish varieties. 

I played it pretty safe but here are a few combos that worked well for me: 


Meat Floss on Congee 

Sick of plain old rice porridge? Top with rousong and a little green onion and you've got protein. I'd advise, though, to eat this fairly quickly before the floss has time to get too soggy. 



meat floss sandwich


Meat Floss Sandwich

There are a few things that will make your meat floss sandwich successful. DO: use soft, Wonder-like bread. DO: use some kind of lubrication -- my preferred condiment is mayonnaise (butter doesn't seem to work). DON'T: grill or make a panini. Trust me, it's just a bad idea. 


rousong on bao


Meat Floss Bao

This is just a no-brainer. I tried adding a few things into this, but found that a fresh, hot, steamed bao and pork floss made quite a tasty snack. 




rousong on rice


Meat Floss on Rice

Problem:  the rice cooker has just beeped. You've got some fresh hot rice coming your way, but you're too lazy to do anything with it or make anything else. Solution: top with rousong, and maybe wrap with a little kim (roasted seaweed). Salty and sweet. 


What do you do with rousong? Share your recipes on the site or comment below! 


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