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Superbowl Snackin': Fried Chicken, Asian Style

Gametime eats call for finger foods that are easy to eat, keep well for while, can be prepared in advance, and most importantly -- taste good! So we've rounded up four Asian recipes for a spin on that classic accompaniment to long bouts of TV watching, beer and shouting: fried chicken. Correction: really good fried chicken.

We all know that really good fried chicken, prepared in whatever style, tends to be simple. 


Japanese Fried Chicken

A quick marinade with ginger and other classic Japanese ingredients and dusting with potato starch gives this chicken a lovely, fresh taste 





savory korean fried chicken


Savory Korean Fried Chicken

korean fried chicken

This savory recipe calls for fried chicken coated in a tangy, spicy, sweet sauce. Finger licking good, indeed. 







Korean Fried Chicken (Ginger-Flavored)

This recipe calls for 2 hours of marinating and double-fried action to produce a batch of tender, tasty goodness!




loatian fried chicken


Laotian Fried Chicken

This recipe calls for just 3 ingredients in combination with deep frying for savory wings. 







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