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Super Bowl Food with Asian Flair

On America’s biggest football-watching day (and second-biggest eating day) of the year, it’s standard practice to stock your party table with pizza, wings, sandwiches, and store-bought snack foods. But your Super Bowl Sunday party guests are worth a little more effort than emptying a bag of chips into a bowl and microwaving some cheese dip, right?

This year, do something different by making delicious Super Bowl snacks of your own. You’ll not only have the opportunity to impress your guests with flavorful new foods, you’ll also help them avoid the overload of calories, fat, and artificial ingredients that come with many prepared meals and snacks.

Of course Pad Thai and Kimchi probably won’t be the most popular picks on game day, but there are plenty of ways to give standard Super Bowl snacks, like chips, pretzels, dips, and chicken wings, an Asian twist. Try the seven recipes below at your gathering this weekend and if you’re serving additional Asian inspired snacks this Sunday, tell us about them in the comments section below!

Edamame Dip A healthy alternative to high-calorie avocado, edamame is packed with protein and makes just as pretty of a green party dip.
Crispy Gourd Chips Try these potato chip alternatives with the aforementioned edamame dip. They’re less boring than snacks made from spuds, but the crunch is equally addicting.
Furikake Pretzels Furikake, Ranch seasoning, and garlic powder give a bag of honey wheat pretzels a serious kick of flavor.
Shanghai Hot Crab Dip  Spicy srircha sets this crab dip apart.
Massaman Thai Meatballs From coconut milk to fish sauce to cilantro, there’s a lot of flavor packed into these meaty morsels. Plus, they’re super easy to prepare.
Chicken Satay with Spicy Sauce  If the peanut sauce doesn’t pull you in, remember that chicken on a stick makes less mess than wings. 
Chinese Vegetarian Spring Rolls Make them more mini than your favorite restaurant does and you’ll be potluck ready.

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