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Sack the Boring Party Hors d'Oeuvres

Cheese cubes, really? Why not get a little wow-factor going on with your holiday party and serve some stuff people may not have seen before?

We've picked a range of hors d'oeuvres from various Asian cuisines, all contributed to AsianSupper. 

Shishito peppers


Flash Fried Shishito Peppers

A squeeze of lemon, some yuzu salt and you are set for a delicious and unique nibbler for your party. 




Hanoi fried nem


Fried Spring Rolls - Hanoi Fried Nem 

You've had these, you say? But have you had the real-deal fried Vietnamese spring rolls? Exactly. Freshly made and freshly fried, these will make your party, we promise. 



Curry triangles


Golden Baked Curry Triangles 

Who doesn't love meat in some kind of wrapper? This dish combines the best of dumplings + curry puffs. 




Miso kelp chips


Miso Kelp Chips

Dead simple, easy to make ahead and a touch different than your standard kelp chips, which are in an of themselves a great option. 






Tsukune - Japanese Meatballs

Made with minced chicken thigh, these aren't your ordinary meatballs. Classic Japanese seasoning (soy sauce, mirin, a little ginger, sugar) create something quite unique. 



Seafood pancakes



Haemul Pajeon - Korean Seafood Pancake 

Everybody loves these. Everybody. Get your party started (but do it early, because it takes time to fry all of these) with classic Korean seafood pancakes. Do your guests a favor and cut them into little wedges for easy eating while standing. 

Cheese cubes image via Flickr // koadmonkey

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