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Easy Packing Picnic Ideas

Good picnic food shares a few characteristics with good airplane food -- it needs to keep for a while without refrigeration, it should be portable, and above all - be good and easy to eat.

If this feels like a tall list to you, consider our Asian picnic options -- they're far from ho-hum sandwiches.


Kimbap is often incorrectly referred to as "Korean sushi", bears more resemblance to the mixed rice dish bibimbap than sushi. Yes, you've got seasoned rice wrapped in a seaweed roll, however raw fish is the last thing you'll find inside. 

A 'classic' kimbap might have a bit of seasoned meat, pickles and vegetables, while more fringe varieties may be a cheese/tuna combo, or a pollack roe/kimchi variety. Kimbap holds up quite well without refrigeration all day, however they must be eaten within the day -- do not try to refrigerate and reheat! 

thai pomelo salad



This pomelo and shrimp salad can serve as a fresh, light main dish. Hint: pack the toasted coconuts and shallots in a separate container, and sprinkle right before eating so they don't get soggy.  





We all know that cold, mayonnaise summertime staple that is potato salad. We still think this classic dish makes a great side for your outdoor adventures.

The Korean version of this salad has a few things you won't normally find, like apples and an overall tang. A great accompaniment to kimbap. 


vietnamese spring rolls



The challenge with packing spring rolls (or anything with rice paper) on a trip is that they tend to stick together. Other than that, these fresh little rolls are really the perfect thing -- packed with salad, herb and shrimp. 

Solve the packing problem by inserting little foil dividers in between your tupperware/plastic storage container. 


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