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Beijing Yogurt: Old Chinese Yogurt

Beijing yogurt is considered a specialty of Beijing and is readily available at almost every corner.  The ceramic yogurt containers are ubiquitous in Beijing. 

Unlike ordinary westernized yogurt, which should be fermented and stirred before filling, old yogurt is a kind of set yogurt that should be filled and sealed with semi-finished fresh milk product before fermenting. Because of the old production processes, it is called "old yogurt." 

Beijing yogurt comes in three different "flavors" which are original, low-fat, and honey. Currently prices for Beijing yogurt are around 5 yuan ($0.80).  There are two options to consuming old Beijing yogurt.  You can drink this yogurt with a straw at room temperature or slightly refrigerated.  

Beijing yogurt has a different taste and consistency than what you would expect in the US.  If you like Greek yogurt, you will likely enjoy Beijing yogurt.  The yogurt is sipped through a straw and has a liquid consistency that is more watery.  It is lightly sweetened and tart that will make yummy imprints on your taste buds.  To add to the uniqueness of Beijing yogurt and your experience, you will have to stand at the store to eat it because you have to return the cute ceramic yogurt bottle to the store.

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