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6 Fish Dishes with Asian Flair

For many Christians who participate in Lent, Fridays between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday mean abstaining from eating meat. This explains why so many restaurants offer fish (ok, and pizza) specials this time of year. But who says you have to dine out to avoid red meat and chicken? We suggest a fish dish with Asian flair.

These six seafood recipes can be made right at home and don’t even require a trip to the fish market. Catfish, salmon, shrimp, crab, cod, and canned tuna should all be available at your local supermarket or seafood counter and are the bases for the recipes that follow.

Sweet and Sour Thai Fish Soup  This tasty dish highlights the simplicity of using a few fresh ingredients to create a very complex flavor.




Spicy Sake Marinated Salmon with Jalapeno Glaze  Best served cold, this dish is the perfect meal to make on a weekend and enjoy all week long. 





Garlic Pepper Shrimp This easy Thai recipe requires only a few ingredients—garlic, shrimp, cilantro, and a handful of spices. It’ll quickly become a staple you serve over steamed rice again and again.





Crab Fried Rice  If your favorite fried rice recipe could use a kick, try adding crab, fish sauce, chilies, and lime juice for an unexpected twist.






Thai Tuna Salad It starts with tuna from a can but ends with anything but flakey fish and mayo. Serve this lunchtime favorite with lettuce wraps or on bread.






Fried Fish Fillet (Seng Sun Jeon)  Call it the Asian take on fish and chips. This simple fish dish pairs will with hot and spicy Korean food and can be served as an appetizer or side dish.








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