Hibiscus Tea


Hibiscus Tea
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Author: ramen
Date: 8-25-11
Servings: 2 quarts
Prep Time: 15 minutes
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Iced hibiscus tea or agua de Jamaica is a favorite beverage in areas of hot weather. Thai hibiscus tea is perfect as a light and thirst quenching drink. It is often sold in Thai food stalls in a plastic bag. Our simple recipe produces a sweet and tangy tea that is not only a crowd pleaser, but a kid pleaser.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 8 1/2 cup water
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1 1/2 cups dried hibiscus flowers
  • Ice cubes

Recipe Steps:

  • Boil the water and sugar in a large pot. Turn the heat off, and add the hibiscus flowers.
  • Place a cover on the pot and let it steep for about 15 minutes.
  • Strain the hibiscus tea into a large pitcher.
  • Serve the tea in a glass full of ice.

Serving Size: 2 quarts
Preparation Time: 15 minutes

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Your rating: None Average: 4.6 (10 votes)
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lamiaspet wrote 3 yearss ago

I love how refreshing this is to drink.  I use Spelnda in my version so I can make the hibiscus tea diet friendly.  I always make sure I have a batch in the fridge every week.  thanks!