Chonggak Kimchi (Bachelor Kimchi)


Chonggak Kimchi (Bachelor Kimchi)
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Author: umma
Date: 4-2-10
Servings: 20
Prep Time: 45 minutes
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Chonggak kimchi, also called ponytail kimchi, is named for its resemblance to the topknots unmarried men in Korea used to wear (hence the bachelor kimchi name). It's a classic and very easy to make.

Recipe Ingredients:

  • 6-7 lb (3-4 bundles) small leafy radish, also known as ponytail radish (chonggak moo 총각무)
  • 2 cups coarse sea salt
  • 1 l/2 quarts of water
  • 2 tbsp sweet rice powder (chapssalgaru 찹쌀가루)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 2 l/2 cups red pepper flakes (gochugaru 고추가루)
  • l/2 cup anchovy sauce (myulchijut 멸치젓)
  • l/3 cup salted fermented shrimp (saewoojut 새우젓)
  • 12 oz (3-4 bunches) of green onion, sliced into 3-4" strips
  • 4 tbsp of minced garlic
  • l/2 yellow onion, minced
  • 2 tsp sugar
  • 2 tsp whole roasted sesame seeds (tongkae 통깨

Recipe Steps:

  • Wash each of the radishes (chonggak moo 총각무) individually, removing bad leaves. Leave the good leaves attached to the radishes. Then wash the radishes using a wire brush or an abrasive sponge, scrubbing the roots thoroughly. Wash the leaves under running water to fully get all of the dirt out. If the radish roots are too fat, cut the roots into halves or quarters. Medium-sized roots can be left alone.
  • Fill a large container (that can fit all of the radishes) with l l/2 qt of water and dissolve the salt in it. Add the sliced radishes and soak for 3-4 hours. Rinse once and drain.
  • Boil 1 cup of water and add the sweet rice powder (chapssalgaru 찹쌀가루) – boil and simmer for a couple of min. This liquid is called pulmul 풀물 (boiled sweet rice flour water).
  • Put the drained radish into a large bowl. Add the red pepper flakes and mix well. Add the anchovy sauce (myulchijut) and salted shrimp (saewoojut), garlic, onions & onion juice, sugar and sesame seeds – mix well and taste one leaf and root for flavor and saltiness. Add more salted shrimp, sugar or salt to taste.
  • Like any other kimchi, you can eat chonggak kimchi fresh. To ferment, pack the radish into a large glass jar or kimchi jar if you have one. It's best to let the kimchi ferment outdoors or at room temperature (the garage is a good place), rather than letting ferment in the refrigerator. After 2-3 days, taste and see if it's to your liking. At that point, refrigerate.

Serving Size: 20
Preparation Time: 45 minutes

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