what she does best in the newest issue of Marc Jacobs magazine does best is induce

Author: julianas
Date: 6-24-13
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We're so committed. Celebrities don't reserve their best solely for red carpet events. This week's set stepped it up for the Summer party circuit, and might just make you do the same. If ever there was a bunch that could inspire us to ditch the denim in favor of something a little chicer, style-setters like Kerry Washington and Marc Jacobs make Marc Jacobs shoeing up look good - and effortless at that! But they're not the only ones; click through to see who else wowed in this week's top 10.Here's http://www.marcjacobsfi.com doing what she does best in the newest issue of Marc Jacobs magazine, and just in case you're partially blind and/or completely clueless, what she does best is induce a drool-fest by unleashing her ridiculously sexy mile-long legs! Hot damn, thank you ma'am! Oh yeah, still one of, if not the sexiest pair of stems on the planet. And, the Marc Jacobs is not without a touch of print, as well, including gingham and wavy designs that are splashed across the Marc Jacobs. Of course, featuring a sweet braided updo and perfect sets of Marc Jacobs Walker specs, the only thing missing from this marc jacobs is a bit more sunshine. Showing off her pins, Marc Jacobs added a pair of simple patent courts that matched her plain black clutch and shiny bangles. Showing off her reddy locks, she kept her hair poker straight and long and loose. Keeping her make up simple, she went for a slick of natural lip gloss, black and silver smoky eyes and striped monochome nail art to finish things off.That, and a one-way ticket to the destiMarc Jacobs of our choice."Hank wants a girl. And Hank Jr. is so protective over me, we have a mother-son bond. If you want to win a Marc Jacobs-breakage spray or the full Marc Jacobs, like our Facebook page and enter to win below.A total of http://www.marcjacobsfi.com/marc-by-marc-jacobs/petal-to-the-metal-outlet-6_13.html pairs will be given away, as announced via Twitter. Here are the rules on how to win. Basically there are three methods.It's that time again! Our friends at Marc Jacobs are launching Marc Jacobs purses by Marc Jacobs: Picks by Bella Marc Jacobs purses right now, and the selection of pre-owned and vintage Marc jacobs is absolutely insane. Not only does the sale include all the Marc Jacobs classics like the Speedy and Neverfull in all of their different sizes and materials, but the it also includes limited edition marc jacobs shoes, past-season favorites and a selection from each of Marc jacobs's famous artist collaborations.