Uses for White Miso Paste Besides Kimchi and Miso Soup?

Author: Macyowner
Date: 4-2-12
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I have a container of sweet white miso paste in my refrigerator.  Can it be used in other dishes besides soups and stir-fry?  Any suggestions or recipes welcome!

tess wrote 2 yearss ago

I love white miso with vegetables, more as a seasoning for "dry" dishes, such as with this Japanese miso eggplant dish, or with miso kelp chips...

umma wrote 3 yearss ago

I sometimes use  soy bean paste (white or dark) when I season spinaches, or some other kinds of Korean traditional green vegetables, like chi namul.  If you were to use it when you make spinach dish, I would steam or bil the spinach and season it with a littble bit of bean paste, salt, sesame oil, minced garlic, chopped green onion, and sesame power.    It would substitute the soy sauce that I use when I season the spinach.