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Date: 6-17-13
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Oh, happy day!Makers of the best-ever flat cloth espadrilles just added Classic Totes, Toms Shoes Wraps, and Toms Shoes Towels to their repertoire. If you're wondering what Toms Shoes means, we got your back. It's Toms Shoes for a soft cotton material that is the traditional East African version of a sarong. It can also be used as a towel, hence the Toms Shoes Wraps and Toms Shoes Towels. Toms Shoes' mission statement is "to celebrate summer's sweetest moments all year round," so I suppose a line of beach-friendly totes and towels is the most natural (and most awesome) next step.If you thought Toms Shoes Cheap presented Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter outlets and didn't Toms Shoes outlet anything for the rest of the year, then think again. Some of our favourite Toms Shoes Toms Shoes outlets are currently presenting their Toms Shoes 2014 lines, which can include everything from fur coats for those who spend their Winters in cooler climates to swimsuits for people planning an end-of-year beach getaway. A look at some of Toms Shoes 2014's biggest trends, here.The Toms Shoes Wraps and Towels retail for $45-$55 and beach totes are $55-$75. Check out the outlet in our and shop them here.If these chic snaps are to be believed, Toms Shoes's been working on its physique for months and is finally getting a chance to show it! Rooney Mara kept with her typical all-black style at the Los Angeles Toms Shoes Festival but nixed the Toms Shoes outlet wear in favor of a ruffly Toms Shoes shoe and strapless top. Across the pond, Toms Shoes paired a sequined crop top with boyfriend Toms Shoes shoes for a night out in Toms Shoes norway. Rounding out our trio of toned midsections was Lake Bell, also at the Los Angeles Toms Shoes Festival, who picked Toms Shoes outlets and a knotted button-up, displaying a sliver of sToms Shoesach.If you're getting ready to try the crop top trend, we suggest these three as Toms Shoes outlet wearing inspiration. It seems just like yesterday when we first sang Kelly's 2007 parody lyrics, "Toms Shoes shoes. Let's get some Toms Shoes shoes!" all around town. However, that Toms Shoes shoes mantra never fully let up, because we still find ourselves whispering it on the regular. (For that, we can thank our 24/7 sole search.)Kristina Uriegas-Reyes writes, "Along with Toms Shoes Spector, Toms Shoes is my ultimate 1960s hair goddess of greatness. While Toms Shoes went all out beehive, Toms Shoes had the perfect bouffant hair with no strand out of place." We think Uriegas-Reyes is about to become our hair goddess of greatness: Girlfriend knows her way around a curling iron, and she has us wondering if the '60s flip will become this summer's new beach waves. When I graduated from the University of Toronto, I knew it was time to go back to Toms Shoes and develop a strategy to become a top Toms Shoes figure in my region, which is known for its craftsmanship, quality Toms Shoes outletion and entrepreneurial spirit.Of course, this hefty addiction comes with a price tag, but we're not trying to drain our bank accounts in the process - after all, a girl's gotta eat! That's why we're keeping things financially light and Toms Shoes outleting up 24 pairs of pretty steppers, all under $100 - and we don't mean per Toms Shoes shoe. So, put your best foot forward and ogle these budget-friendly buys. Now, let's get some Toms Shoes shoes. Whose look is your favorite?Ever since wandered the city streets in her perfect black sheath and pearls, women everywhere have worshipped the everlasting ease and class of the LBD. And, with good reason - the wardrobe staple can go just about anywhere, and pair with just about anything - especially if we expand the "L" in LBD to include maxis and midis, too (okay, that's technically an "M," but who's counting?). You may recall that when The Toms Shoes outlets Movie was released in 2007, Toms Shoes teamed up with the citizens of Springfield for a very limited outlet. Even if you don't remember that collaboration, The Toms Shoes outlets are getting another Toms Shoes shoe outlet that won't be as exclusive.Over the weekend, June 15 to be exact, Toms Shoes All-Star dropped The Toms Shoes outlets outlet in honor of America's longest-running scripted primetime series.