Japanese Kimchi vs. Korean Kimchi - what's the difference?

Author: ramen
Date: 1-29-12
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I recently had kimchi in a Japanese restaurant.  What's the difference between Korean kimchi and Japanese kim chi?

sooyoung wrote 3 yearss ago

Kimchi is Korean in origin and a bedrock of Korean food, but it's now popular around the world, in Japan as well as in the US. "Kimuchi" is the way that Japanese people pronounce "kimchi."There is a difference in how Japanese prepare kimuchi. Original kimchi is pickled/fermented, but the Japanese version is not.

tum wrote 3 yearss ago

In 1996, there was controversy with the commercial prooduction of Japanese kimchi (pronounced kimuchi).  Many people felt that it was unauthentic Japanese kimchi because there wasn't a fermentation process to the kimchi.  The Codex standardization for kimchi was passed at the 24th Codex Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland in 2001.  It described production methods similar to those traditionally used in Korea which prohibited marketing of Japanese produced traditional "kimchi" in international trade.