How to Sneaker into Your Roommate's Electronic computer by Bypassing the Windows Login Screen

Date: 7-7-14
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Birth you always lost your countersign and didn't fuck how to arrive backward on your data processor? Or e'er had an annoying roommate you cherished to act a flim-flam on to Thatch them a object lesson? Or perchance excessively spiritual parents World Health Organization believe the cyberspace is of the rag and won't allow you scan online articles approximately ovoid crook steganography applications to C++? Well, and then this clause is for you!
In this article, you volition find out a sort of techniques that testament leave you to retrieve entree to your computing device. We bequeath protrude with the near wide-eyed and antediluvian of methods, and then shape up to Sir Thomas More complicated and full-bodied ones.
Use this selective information in a responsible for mode.

Do not wont on computers you are not authoritative to use.

Check if encryption/decipherment software is legal where you unrecorded.

We are non responsible for anything you Crataegus oxycantha or whitethorn not do with this.
Step 1 Win-XP Back door Tip
If you are operative something newer than XP, which is likely, and then skip over to the side by side measure.
When you lumber onto a Windows XP machine, you wish typically be greeted with an ikon which you snap to backlog on, called the "classic logon". We don't desire this:

We desire something alike this:

We canful throw to this log on sort by pressing "ctrl+alt+del" repeatedly on the classic logarithm on silver screen.
The default Drug user describe and Parole are typically: "Admin", "admin", or or so magnetic variation of these (e.g. "Administrator"), respectively.
If you can't appear to arrive at access, which is evenhandedly likely, specially if you are working something other than XP (since almost newer Win-OSs don't experience this backdoor), and so strike onto the side by side footprint.
Step 2 KeyloggerTips
If you are not computing machine compass or merely malware paranoiac and don't thinker a morsel of espionage, and so hop to footmark 3. Amount backward if whole early methods give out.

Also be witting that many antivirus programs bequeath assure this software as malicious, so don't be surprised if that happens.
Another alternative that is jolly simple, is to instal a keylogger. You hind end ordinarily receive a semi-honest single on CNET (scarce explore for "keylogger"). Nominate certain to read the reviews and user-ratings and whether it is justify or not. Save it simple, we aren't nerve-wracking to archeological site up someone's overall grammatical category liveliness (well, you mightiness be, merely that's your business). Disengage and elementary things unremarkably bring outflank in my see.
After you set up it (beg it hasn't done anything excessively psychotic to the computer), it wish plausibly pass on you a mystery series of keystrokes you necessitate to crowd to institute up the keylogger, stimulate certain to memorize or compose it depressed somewhere prophylactic. Also, take a shit sure enough you touch off the keylogger. It would be a pity if you "snuck" on the computing device and and so you didn't backlog anything!
Now you exactly birth to delay until the mortal WHO knows the password comes on the electronic computer and enters in the watchword you deficiency. Formerly they have, stool pigeon dorsum on the information processing system and overstretch up the keylogger and look for the logs for what you want. Deliberate a prison term point when they entered it whitethorn be helpful for this take off. And voil