Green vs brown coconut - what's the difference?

Author: jean
Date: 8-21-10
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This may be kind of an obvious question, but what is the difference between a green coconut and a brown coconut? Are they the same type of coconut? What are the green ones used for vs the brown ones?

tum wrote 4 yearss ago

Coconuts come from the coconut palm tree. The difference in green or brown is simply differing stages of maturation.

Green coconut is an unripe young coconut. It is common in Southeast Asia for them to have their tops cut off for a refreshing tropical drink. the liquid inside an unripe "gree" coconut is coconut water, which is very different from the coconut milk used in cooking. The meat is soft and tender and translucent

Brown or mature coconuts are commonly sold with the already brown dried husk removed. The meat has become more firm and opaque white. Here, coconut milk is created by grating the hard coconut milk out of the brown shell and adding hot water. By seeping coconut milk in hot water and squeezing out the liquid, you are able to get the rich coconut oils and create coconut milk.

Hope this helps!