Cooking with sesame oil

Author: jbarth
Date: 9-1-11
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Can I use sesame oil for cooking ... I have heard different things. If so, what kind and is there a particular brand that is better for cooking with than others? 

isabelle wrote 3 yearss ago

Yeah sesame oil is not the greatest for cooking...

chefinbklyn wrote 3 yearss ago

Refined sesame oil is suitable for cooking. It has a higher smoke point. It also has a different flavor than the dark sesame oil since that sesame oil is made from toasted sesame seeds. 

tess wrote 3 yearss ago

Sesame oil is more of a flavoring oil and not a cooking oil. I've read that it has a low smoke point so you don't want to cook anything that requires high heat with it.That said, I have occassionally sauteed stuff with it -- more towards the end of cooking. It also depends on what kind of sesame oil you're using. I believe they have sesame oil with higher smoke point, but the darker kinds generally have lower smoke points/should be used for flavoring.