Best fish sauce brand?

Author: sooyoung
Date: 1-20-12
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What kind of fish sauce do you all use? What's the best? 

I use Squid Brand Fish Sauce, it looks like this

Also one more question, how long should you keep in the refrigerator? 



wickidgrrl wrote 3 yearss ago

I forgot to add that you don't have to keep fish sauce in the refrigerator. 

umma wrote 3 yearss ago

I think Tum is right - if you are making a recipe, you should use the fish sauce from that country.  I tried to find a good Korean anchovy sauce when I am making kimchi, but it's hard to find a good tasting anchovy sauce.  I tried a couple of brands and now I just use 3 crab brands fish sauce - I think it tastes good enough, plus I add pickled shrimps..  A lot of my friends use 3 crabs fish  sauce too.  I think you can keep it in the refrigerator as long as it lasts - it's pretty salty and it's apparently been double boiled.

wickidgrrl wrote 3 yearss ago

I use Tiparos Fish Sauce. I am half-Thai. My mom used this, so I grew up on it. I also sawit in most of the Thai kitchens I've been in. I have used the Squid brand. It's good, but Ithink the Tiparos has a better flavor. Give it a shot, you won't be dissapointed! 

tum wrote 3 yearss ago

It is commonly believed that when you make a recipe, you should use fish sauce from that country.  For example, if you were cooking Thai food like pad thai, you would use the much revered Squid brand that hails from Thailand.  It is what my family has used for generations.  I do not recommend the Tiparos brand because it takes a bit watered down.  If you are cooking Vietnamese food, I would use the three crab brand as it is more subtle than the Squid brand and will help balance the vietnamese dish without overpowering it.