Best Chinese Cookbook - list em all!

Author: tess
Date: 9-5-11
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Hi gang - looking to see if anyone has particular recommendations for Chinese cookbooks. 

Currently I have 'The Key to Chinese Cooking' by Irene Kuo ... I have found her explanations of technique excellent, though sometimes the recipes don't come out that great. Has anyone had any + / - experiences about a Chinese cookbook (can be regional, focused on a specific type of food within Chinese cuisine, etc). 


Hannah Lee wrote 3 yearss ago

For someone who knows the basics of Chinese cooking, I recommend Every Grain of Rice by Ellen Blonder and Annabel Low, sisters who write about the traditional festival treats that are hard to find outside the large urban areas.  The illustrations by Ellen Blonder are lovely and an added plus are the Cantonese transliterations, which are rare in published cookbooks.

chefinbklyn wrote 3 yearss ago

 I like "The Breath of a Wok" by Grace YoungIf you can find it, "The Five Treasures of Chinese Cooking" is also a gem. Hard to locate and out of print, however.