best brand of gochujang or dwenjang?

Author: abchoi823
Date: 3-15-12
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hi, what's the best brand of gochujang to use for making ddukbokee?  i like mine to be spicy but not burning hot spicy.  also what's the best dwenjang paste to use for soups?  thanks!

Pinkbaketress wrote 3 yearss ago

I swear by Chung Jung Won brand Sunchang. When I first began cooking Korean food I assumed this little red box was the only brand. I eventually learned that there are several varietis (some of which also come in a red box) but they do  have small differences. I have tried some of the others after that and keep going back.There are also two extensive reviews for both gochujang and dwendjang and 

abchoi823 wrote 3 yearss ago

thank you!

umma wrote 3 yearss ago

Hi, I don't know if it's the best brand or not, but I use Choripong brand 명 가 태 앵 초 고 추 장.  태 앵 초 means sun dried which has hot taste that's better than the artificial drying.  I've used it and it's hot, but not too hot.  As far as dwenjang is concerned, try sampyo brand sum swi nun kong dwenjang - 샘 표 숨 쉬 는 몽 죈 장 - I thought it tastes really good.