Is bao gluten free?

Author: lamiaspet
Date: 7-31-12
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Are bao gluten free? I'm trying to stick to a low gluten diet to help me lose weight. What type of flour does bao use? Thanks!

LuccaQ wrote 2 yearss ago

Generally speaking no.  The dough is usually made from a wheat flour which as you know contains gluten.  If you make it at home I'm sure you could experiment with different types of flour that don't contain gluten.PS- As a nurse that has worked for a Gastroenterologist in the past, unless you have some sort of sensitivity/allergy to gluten you will likely not lose weight by simply eliminating it from your diet.  In fact many gluten-free foods are higher in calories and sugar than the gluten containing versions.  However, I know many people say that they just "feel better" not eating gluten.