Posted 10-22-10 Ojinguh Jangdduk Gui (Stuffed Squid Rings)
오징어장떡 구이
Stuffed, fried squid rings filled with soybean paste and vegetables make a unique Korean appetizer.
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Posted 05-11-10 Ojinguhchae Muchim (Seasoned Dried Squid)
오징어채 볶음
A sweet and spicy side dish made from dried cuttlefish.
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Posted 04-29-10 Ojinguh Bokkeum (Stir-Fried Squid)
오징어 볶음
Ojinguh bokkeum is a very easy and spicy preparation of squid. This is a dish that you can often find at restaurants as an anju -- or a dish for when you are drinking.
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