Posted 04-28-12 Korean pajeon with shiitake mushrooms
pajeon, korean pancake
When we need something quick and tasty for the kids' afternoon snack, we usually go to our favorite pajeon (literally scallion pancake) recipe and add whatever vegetables and seafood we have available in the fridge.
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Posted 09-13-10 Hobak Buchim (Fried Zucchini)
호박 부침 / 애호박 부침
A simple buchim (fried dish) of fresh zucchini. Tasty with or without a bit of soy sauce.
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Posted 05-13-10 Buchu Jangdduk (Chive Pancakes & Bean Paste)
A unique pancake made of chives, perilla leaves and soybean paste.
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Posted 05-13-10 Gul Jeon (Fried Oysters)
This is an easy preparation of oysters, Korean style, that showcases the rich flavor of oysters.
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Posted 05-10-10 Seng Sun Jeon (Fried Fish Fillet)
A simple preparation of fish that goes well with spicy Korean food.
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Posted 05-04-10 Kimchi Pajeon (Kimchi Pancake)
김치 파전
Kimchi pajeon is a spicy crowd-pleasing pancake that it easy to make.
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Posted 05-04-10 Putgochu Jeon (Fried Stuffed Peppers)
Korean-style stuffed peppers are a good treat for a party or for an appetizer.
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Posted 04-12-10 Hobak Jeon (Korean Zucchini Pancake)
A simple and savory pancake made out of Korean squash (you can use zucchini as a substitute).
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Posted 04-12-10 Bindaeduk (Mung Bean Pancakes)
A unique pancake made out of mung beans, kimchi and other vegetables.
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Posted 04-12-10 Wanja Jeon (Korean Beef Patties)
완자전 / 동그랑땡
Korean mini fried patties are a nice hors d'oeuvres, appetizer or side dish for a meal.
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Posted 04-09-10 Gamja Buchimgae (Korean Potato Pancakes)
감자 부침개
A unique Korean pancake that takes some time, but is worth it to make.
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Posted 03-31-10 Haemul Pajeon (Seafood Pancake)
A savory pancake that you can't say no to.
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