Posted 02-29-12 Miso Curry Soup Udon
Japanese people like curry, miso taste and noodle (udon) mixture.
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Posted 09-02-11 Simple Chicken Curry
kyet thar sipyan
Curry in Burmese is sipyan which literally means ‘oil returns’, a sign when the gravy is ready. This is a basic chicken curry recipe that is a staple in our house.
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Posted 06-20-11 Chicken Curry
My first curry made from scratch - this is a very simple recipe for a tasty chicken curry.
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Posted 03-17-11 Red Kidney Bean Curry
Acclaimed chef Hari Nayak's recipe for an easy, Indian vegetarian curry.
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Posted 10-09-10 Curry Chicken Soup
Easy, quick and delicious.
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