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Posted 07-01-12 Vegetarian Thai Pomelo Salad
ยำส้มโอ Yum Som O
A delicious and refreshing vegetarian salad with pomelo, coconut, herbs and chili.
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Posted 06-25-12 Edamame Noodles with Shrimp
Officially one of my go-to summer noodle dishes, these warm noodles are light and tangy accompaniment to summertime meals.
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Posted 02-24-12 Khao Soi
A Northern Thai Noodle soup
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Posted 02-19-12 Thai Rice Soup With Shrimp
ข้าวด้มกุ้ง Khao Tom Goong
Creamy, slightly salty, and thick like porridge, khao tom goong (Thai rice soup with shrimp) is a popular Thai breakfast. Rice soup is comfort food with a capital 'C.'
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Posted 02-03-12 Crab Fried Rice
Khao Phat Pu ข้าวผัดปู
Crab gives this Thai-style fried rice an unexpected twist from your regular old fried rice.
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Posted 01-31-12 Sweet and Sour Thai Fish Soup
ต้มส้มปลาดุก Tom Som Plah Duk
This is a wonderfully fragrant fish soup that is accented with ginger and tamarind – quick & easy to make and perfect for lunch.
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Posted 01-24-12 Asparagus Crab Soup
Sup Mang Tay Cua
Simple, fresh-tasting asparagus crab soup that easily comes together. It is essentially an egg drop soup with asparagus and crab.
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Posted 12-29-11 Golden-Brown Tofu with Green Papaya-Noodle Salad
Adapted from Burmese style hand-tossed noodle salad recipe, this dish has sour, salty, spicy and nutty flavors. Crispy garlic chips make it even more interesting.
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Posted 11-20-11 Shrimp Glazed Tamarind
Want an easy meal that is still tasty? Try our recipe for Tamarind Shrimp tonight! The tamarind sauce that coats the shrimp is the star of this Thai dish!
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Posted 07-13-11 Thai Shrimp Wonton Soup
เกี๊ยวน้ำ KIAO NAM
Learn how to make this simple delicious recipe for Thai shrimp wonton soup.
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Posted 06-22-11 Glass Noodle Soup
แกงจืด Gaeng Jued
This light soup prepared with glass noodles (also known as mung bean noodles) is satisfying and comforting.
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